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This is the first ever European identified to have visited this district in 1836 was Maj. Thomas Mitchell. By 1851 around 400 Europeans dwelled on some pastoral properties, about 16, in the area. In the late 1852 there were gold that was found discovered at the McIvor Creek. Within 6 months around 40,000 miners had camped within the vicinity. It showed to become one of the wealthiest finds during those Australian gold rushes, however, the gold has been simply discovered that it has been soon largely worn out during the end of a year a big proportion of miners had left already for other current finds.


Illawong sits in between the northern coast of the River of Woronora and the southern coast of the River of Georges. Illawong consisted mainly of the residential homes, a primary school, a bit of shopping center and a nursing home. Illawong is the Aboriginal word which means in between the two waters, pertaining to the Woronora and Georges Rivers. Illawong was initially inhabited by Tharawal or Eora tribes and those who left remains of their lives within numerous middens, cave paintings and rock carvings. Illawong Nature Reserve situated “in between two waters” and through this instance, the reserve lying between the systems of 2 wetlands that in group with the greatly vegetated Ridgeland.


It is an Aboriginal term, which means that the Place of Moon, originating from the unknown language as noted by George Thornton. This Dharug language term for the Moon was ‘yanada’, and the Jannali can be an option Anglicization of this. This place started to develop with an arrival of the railway line in the year 1884. But, the railway terminal at the Jannali was not constructed until 1931. The railways department of paid for the building of the ramps and the railway station while their local council rewarded for the road bridges through the line at the southern end part of the base.

Kangaroo Point

This is directly placed at east, across the River of Brisbane from the central business district of Brisbane, but being on the south part of the river has been normally regarded as the southern suburb. The Kangaroo Point is situated on the peninsula formed of the harder Rhyolite rock that the Brisbane River flowed around. At the northern tilt of the peninsula, Story Bridge connected it to the suburb of Fortitude Valley and the central business district. The town of Woolloongabba is situated to the south. This 6 lane Main Street flows from Story Bridge into the Woolloongabba. The Kangaroo Point landscape is mainly high rise apartments on the peninsula tip while the southern part is mainly Queenslander type houses and low-medium density residence.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Heathcote, Illawong, Jannali and Kangaroo Point

We are giving service to each type of plumbing inside the office or your homes, starting from the faucet repair, water heater replacement up to the gas line setting and repairs. The Quintessential Plumbing Service had technicians that were all trained to meet the requirements of their customer. The ache of experiencing leaks, added costs incurred that had not been in the budget for the month and the pain of experiencing through these emergency instances will feel overwhelming. And for now, you job is to look for the company that is trustworthy, very dependable, and the one that is not after taking advantage of your situation. At Quintessential Plumbing Service, the founder had thought of the idea of helping the people within, and giving that warm and safe feeling to you from having us inside your abode. We are hoping not to hear because that will only mean that you have a plumbing trouble, but, if that is the case, we are looking forward to make that connection with you and your circle of friends and allow us to give the solution to your plumbing troubles.

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