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The place sits on the cape between Five Dock Bay and Iron Cove. It is enclosed on the three sides by a Parramatta River, as such, had some of the best waterfront views in Sydney. Drummoyne neighbors the likewise historic Abbotsford and Five Dock. William Wright, a whaler, sealer and a merchant, bought land in northern area in 1853. This property was bounded through the present-day Victoria Road and Lyons Road. Drummoyne House had been constructed in Georgian Classical design. It has a rectangular plan with the hipped roof and with the concave verandah diagonal to the whole front and goes back along both sides. He called it Drummoyne Park right after his hometown at Drummoyne on the Clyde in Scotland. At Gaelic, Drummoyne it means flat topped edge.

Dulwich Hill

The suburb takes the name from the place in London, Dulwich. The word Dulwich Hill appeared in the Sands Directory of year 1892. This had been famous by some more different names precede from this. Following the European settlement, this was named as Petersham Hill. Later, it took the word Wardell’s Bush, the reference to Robert Wardell, Ph.D. one of the early landowners of the area. Other names that the area was provided were Fern Hill and South Petersham. The area became a section of the expanding tram network of Sydney in 1889 and, just like the many suburbs within the inner-west it experienced the rapid increase during the early 20th century. As the consequence, this suburb had the large number of samples of the Australian Federation architecture. This also features samples of Gothic, Edwardian, and the Italianate architecture.


It was established as one village by George Hickox in 1843 as the group of the 44 quarter-acre lumps. Hickox called the village Middlesex, United Kingdom, after his birthplace. The name “Enfield” was taken from Anglo-Saxon word which is “enedfeld” and that means “duck field”. The two Enfield houses are Barton Vale at Walker Court and the Pine Forest at Gurney Terrace. Enfield has been governed by City of the Port Adelaide Enfield board (seated at the Port Adelaide) in the local administration level. The council had a main office situated in Enfield Public Library; this is the place of the seats’ of the previous City of Enfield that amalgamated with Port Adelaide City in 1996.


It was named after the Enmore House that was constructed by Capt. Sylvester Browne in 1835. He was a master mariner with a British East India Co. Browne named the house after a Guyana estate of the business associate, James Cavan and Co. head, later took the name in Somerset, England, Enmore. The son of Browne wrote some more Australian classics with Robbery Under Arms, below the Rolf Boldrewood name. In the year 1836, there had been reports of snowfall within the suburb. T. A. Browne, the weather observer said that in the years 1836 to 1838 were the years of drought. And Enmore House was a home of the family of Josephson from 1842 up to 1883, when this was demolished.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Drummoyne, Dulwich Hill, Enfield and Enmore

Here at Quintessential Plumbing, we are oriented that there are lots of issues that may possibly take place when it deals with the home plumbing. We at Quintessential Plumbing are offering comprehensive services to repair, prevent or even to just diagnose what is the plumbing issue. Every plumbing technician in our team is skillfully trained and are all professional. The residential plumbing methods are being used each day and for lots of many different uses. Starting from the watering of your yard installing your water softener, washing of clothes, flushing the toilet are all requiring of plumbing services. Our daily lives depend on the plumbing, and this plumbing must work properly. The services offered are for clogged and smelly drains, gas and electric hot water heater, water filtration systems like the reverse osmosis system, water softener installation, the bathroom and the kitchen plumbing, and the sewer lines that needed repair and a lot more! There are so many different kinds of plumbing issues and needs and we are covering them all.

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