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Concord has been known as a ‘Parklands Suburb’ of its Inner West. The Concord West is the separate suburb going to north-west. Concord gets their name in the USA, from Concord, Massachusetts, which was the location of the Fight of Concord, one of the primary military engagements of American Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1778. Some of the historians believe that the Sydney suburb had been named Concord to support the peaceful attitude in between settlers and soldiers. The primary land grants in an area were made from 1793. The earliest Concord Council had been established in 1883. The Concord Council combined with the Drummoyne Council in the year 2000 after its 117 years of own governance to create the Canada Bay City.

Concord West

Concord West was beneath the Concord Council jurisdiction until it combined with Drummoyne Council and the surrounding parish has been named also as Concord Parish. The major historical stature in the area had been Thomas Walker, the philanthropist that dwelled in a Victorian Italianate mansion, and Yaralla on the shores of River Parramatta. During his death, Walker left extensive funds for the founding of a restorative hospital in the place. The hospital—named as Thomas Walker Hospital—had been styled by John Sulman in Federation Free Classical design and constructed on the bigger site north-west to Yaralla. It has been listed now on Register of National Estate. Ever since the late of 1970, it has worked as the Rivendell Child, the Adolescent & Family Unit that specialized in the healing of young individuals with psychological problems.


Way back in 1840 the land had been initially utilized by the colonizer for grazing and its primary road cut by the place now called as Croydon, was primarily called as the Sawmill Road, since a sawmill was closeby. Then later it became identified as Oxford Road, then later as Mt. Dandenong Road, way back during the early 1900s. Due to the rough silvery-white grass, this place is now famous as Croydon was primarily called as “White Flats”. A Lacey family from the Essex, England called the place Croydon right after the hometown of Mrs. Lacey. They preferred this as the hometown of Mr. Lacey, Steeple Bumpstead. This Lacey family had the street named right after them close that Main St. shopping zones.

Croydon Park

This park has a commercial shopping strip down along the Georges River Road, which is in nearness to a bigger town and shopping centers of Ashfield, Campsie and Burwood. Croydon Park is one small residential suburb that has the number of shops. Croydon Park was initially part of the Darug Tribe Territory that occupied a great deal of Sydney. More specially, it was possibly home to Wangal Clan around Concord but can also have been the home to Bideagal (Botany Bay) or Cadigal (Sydney) clans. There were middens down along the River Cooks where the aboriginal people camped. These have been destroyed through the early British settlers while making emerald for mortar in construction.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Concord, Concord West, Croydon and Croydon Park

At Quintessential Plumbing, we are aware that there are so many issues that might take place when it comes to your home plumbing needs. We are offering comprehensive services in diagnosing, repairing and preventing plumbing issues. All the plumbing technicians are professional and expertly trained. The residential plumbing systems had been used each day and for these are for lots of different uses. Everything such as the washing of clothes, flushing the toilet, watering your yard, and installing the water softener will all require plumbing service. Our everyday lives will rely on plumbing, and that plumbing must be working properly. We are giving services for smelly, clogged drains, sewer lines that are in need of repair, gas/electric hot water heater, water filtration systems like reverse osmosis system, water softener installation, bathroom and kitchen plumbing and a lot more! There are lots of different kinds of plumbing issues and needs and we absolutely cover them all!

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