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Carss Park

This is a striking town about Carss Point, overseeing Kogarah Bay at the River of Georges. This suburb is being bounded by the suburb of the Kogarah Bay, South Hurstville, Blakehurst, and Allawah. Carss Park had been mostly a residential area that features some costly real estate with the views of the water and the bushland surrounds it. The area was acquired by William Carss in 1863, who is a cabinet-maker, whom labeled the property as Carss Bush. He constructed the stone cottage called as Carss Park Cottage in 1860. After William Carss passing, his family goes on living in the house, with their daughter Mary Carss. Mr. Carss had left these lands to those trustees of Sailor Home in Australia. When Mary Carss died this section in the will of her father has been honored and this estate passed on in 1916 to the trustees.

Connells Point

The place takes their name from a geographical formation alongside the Connells Bay, at the Georges River. Connells Bay and Connells Point were labeled after O’Connell, Charles Daniel, who held the land in the section. Connells Bay was initially named as O’Connells Bay. During the early days, this bay has been utilized for shipbuilding. The Connells Point Public Institute was commenced in 1933. The major feeder road into a suburb starts at the Woniora Road, Hurstville, and it passes by the South Hurstville at the King Georges Lane and then to the Connells Point. This is appropriately called as “Connells Point Road” then followed through the hub of the locality.


The name is taken from the English word ‘hurst’, which means ‘the wooded eminence’, and then ‘ville’, which means ‘town’. Even though it is not known when they initially settled in Hurstville place, the primary inhabitants were the Indigenous Australians. During that time of the coming of the Primary Fleet, this Indigenous Australians dwelling in the place were from the Eora tribe, and whose numbers spanned together at the Georges River, coming from the Botany Bay to the current-day Liverpool. Hurstville region land was granted by their administration of the current colony of the New South Wales of the two men: Capt. John Townson and together with his sibling Robert Townson in the year 1808.

Hurstville Grove

This is the suburb in the southern Sydney, in New South Wales states in Australia. Hurstville Grove widened from the Hillcrest Avenue into the shore of the Oatley Bay, on Georges River. The place is mainly sub-urban with some shops situated on the Hillcrest Avenue. The South Hurstville and the Hurstville are separate towns situated to the northeast. The Hurstville area had been granted to Capt. John Townson and with his brother Robert Townson during 1808. Capt. Townson was granted with 1,950 acres which was over the land now being occupied by the town of Hurstville and some parts of Bexley.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Carss Park, Connells Point, Hurstville and Hurstville Grove

Quintessential Plumbing had completed thousands of their plumbing job order for the residents in Sydney, Australia. Our residential plumbers will be coming to your home and will give the details of the problem. After the plumber diagnoses the issue or the plumbing problem, a written estimation will be given to you and detailing the work which are in need of completion. The residential plumbing services used the most technologically progressive equipment in repairing your plumbing troubles. We are working constantly to fix pipe problems, water leaks, and any emergency plumbing situations. We have highly trained plumbers that are also doing preventative work on the residential water system in decreasing the opportunity of any emergencies that actually occur.

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