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This is considered as one of the governmental centers of the Canterbury-Bankstown City. Campsie has been named after a Campsie parish in Scotland in Stirlingshire. The indigenous Australians dwelled in this place for millenniums of years. During 1770, the land next to the Cooks River has been explored by the officers from the HM Bark Endeavour. The southern areas of Campsie were a section of the Laycock land which extended to most of Kingsgrove. An area between the Cooks River and the South Campsie was known as Redman estates. Mr. John Redman has been granted with 100 acres in 1812 and later, he purchased the areas to the east that was a land granted about 200 acres in 1817 to Thomas Capon.

Canada Bay

In the census of 2016 there were more than 88 people from Canada Bay local administration area. The middle age of public in the Canada Bay City was 36 years old. Children aged from 0-14 years old made up about 16.2% of the population, while the people aging 65 years old and above made the 14.7% of the entire population. Of the people in the place aged 15 years old and above, 50.8% were married and then 9.3% were either separated or divorced. When compared with the entire total population growth in Australia for the similar period, the population growth in the Canada Bay local administration area was nearly twice the national standard.


The previous City of Canterbury obtained the name from the town however its administrative hub was situated in the adjacent town of Campsie that is also a big commercial center. The first ever inhabitants of the place was the Eora nation of the Bediagal clan. The first ever European land granted in this suburb has been 40 hectares to a “pious, inoffensive, very good man”, Reverend Richard Johnson, the colony’s primary chaplain, in 1793. Johnson called his grant the Canterbury Vale, as the tribute to the Canterbury in England also the suburb took the name of the ranch. This farm extended over its modern-day Canterbury area and the Ashbury suburbs.


The area around the Chiswick was primarily known by the Aboriginal name Bigi-Bigi. Its suburb was primarily part of the Five Dock Farm. During the year 1850, this Dr. Fortescue owned the estate in this place which he named as Chiswick after a village on the Thames, the west of London. The Parramatta River was known as ‘Thames of Antipodes’ and the other nearby suburbs had been named as well after Thames localities in Greenwich, Henley, Putney and Woolwich. Starting from 1884 to 1998, there had been a wire mill at the Chiswick waterfront. Recently it was subjected to the increase in the construction of the many current apartment blocks that has seen the residents rise to about 2400.

Quintessential Plumbing Service for Campsie, Canada Bay, Canterbury and Chiswick

The plumbing services of Quintessential Plumbing extend to a wider range and it contains plenty of services such as boiler repair, gas services, heating, and also drainage. When you are looking for some services in Australia for your plumbing needs, this is the right place for you. At Quintessential Plumbing, every plumber we have is all working really hard to provide that highest workmanship degree around the industry of plumbing.

The service charge just balances with the services when compared to the other plumbing service. We provide an-hour response in every call of clients with guaranteed workmanship. Our service charges are both transparent and satisfying. The team is proving the best possible domestic maintenance and commercial maintenance as well and also with the emergency plumbing services. Just give us a call with any of your plumbing service needs.

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