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Breakfast Point

Based on the historical records, a suburb name is taken from the primary contact between the Europeans and the conventional possessors of the land, this Wangal Clan. The meet up took place on 1788 of February, while Capt. John Hunter’s was having his breakfast during his adventure of Parramatta River. First Lieutenant William Bradley, on embark HMS Sirius, documented subsequent entries in their log. Much of the Breakfast Point area was engaged by Mortlake Gas Works, the Australian Gaslight Co. (AGL). The AGL Co. started developing the place from 1883. This Mortlake Gasworks site gives river access for the colliers—identified as the ’60 milers’—to take coal and virtually infinite space for growth and the gas works stayed in the business until the 1990s.


The primary settlement in the place, known as Ballyshanassy, had been surveyed in 1858. This settlement altered the name to Norwood then subsequently Burwood in the year 1879. This Post Office commenced on the 1853 of May as Ballyshanassy and had been renamed as Burwood around on the 1879 of June. The name “Burwood” that later “Invergowrie” had been the name of the house built through Sir James Palmer, during 1852 in Hawthorn West. The primary settlement was centered close by Burwood Cemetery and a Police Station, however, the concentration shifted to the junction of Warrigal Lane and Toorak Lane, with commercial development later. The suburb later widened westwards to the Hartwell railway station that has been renamed as the Burwood railway station.

Burwood Heights Cabarita

Burwood Heights is a residential town with no schools, shops, or any kind of public buildings and Burwood is the separate suburb going to the north. The New South Wales Geographical Names Board assigned Burwood Heights its status of the separate suburb on 2007 of January. Based on the census of Population of 2016, there were nearly 1000 residents in this Burwood Heights and more than 50% people were a native born in Australia while some of the other is China etc. People speaking English at home are also speaking with their other languages such as Mandarin and Italian and their most common religion response is Catholic.

Cabarita is one Aboriginal word that means “by the water and the area of this Cabarita Point was kept for public leisure in 1856. Cabarita is the picturesque town on the River of Parramatta, north of Concord. Commenced in 2015, when its water was deemed safe and clean for the swimmers after 70 long years, this 200meters long beach in Cabarita Park, the Cabarita Beach is considered as one of the top proximate swimming beaches for the many suburbs in the western Sydney. Its park presents the shaded playground area, a toddler pool, a large conservatory, barbecue spots, a kiosk, and with the hilly area that gives the water views.


This is one heavily populated town and is the home to this Royal Prince Alfred Hospice, University of Sydney with the historical Camperdown Cemetery. This was once home also to Royal Alexandra Hospice for Children that have been relocated to become next to the Westmead Hospice in Sydney’s west. These hospital grounds and buildings were redeveloped into dwelling complexes. Camperdown takes the name from a Battle of Camperdown, also called in Dutch as Camperduin. It was called by Gov. William Bligh, who took the grant of the 240 acres of land covering up present day Camperdown with parts of the Newtown.

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