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Bardwell Valley

This is main a residential area. Some of the beautiful sandstone cottages were from the early twentieth century still stand at the East Street and at The Glen Road. The Bardwell Creek runs by the midpoint of the valley then emptied into Wolli Creek. Previously from the European settlement, the Bardwell Valley was an important side of the land of these Cadigal people. The Bardwell Valley was initially the label being used to illustrate a land beside the Bardwell Creek in a suburb of the Bardwell Park. Its suburb was created from the parts of Arncliffe which bordered the creek and the valley in 1996.


James Chandler called the town after his birthplace, the Bexley. Chandler bought the farm of Sylvester from Thomas Sylvester in 1882 and approved the land about 10 years earlier. In that year he had been granted also about 1,200 acres of the land that stretched from what’s now Bexley North into most part of Kogarah and Rockdale. The estate was solidly timbered and the track by the Centre, utilized through timber-getters, is now named as the Forest Road. Chandler was the well-appreciated citizen and became locally famous as Squire of Bexley, however, the property attracted bushrangers, runaway convicts and some other odd types. James Chandler was not really happy with the ill-assortment of the neighbors and then traded the land in 1836 to Charles Thompson. Later it has been bought through Charles Tindell, who started subdividing the land for home sites in 1856.

Bexley North

This is mostly a housing suburb with the small shopping center situated around an intersection of the Bexley Road with the Slade Road and the Shaw Street, close by the Bexley North railway center. It features the Flemings supermarket, specialty shops, a pub, with the funeral parlor, restaurants and cafes. Bexley North is the serviced also by the State Transit Authority buses routes and the private bus routes. This M5 South West Motorway flow the south-west towards Liverpool and Beverly Hills. There are no way-in at the Bexley North and the access to the north east of the motorway has been allowed at Arncliffe and Kingsgrove.

Beverley Park

Kogarah Bay and Beverley Park were initially part of the Kogarah suburb. The area was initially known as the Townson’s Bay and became Koggorah. Kogarah Bay and Kogarah were totally separated from one another by the making of this latest suburb. The suburb takes the name from the big recreational park that includes Beverley Park Golfing Course. The Sunnyside is the historic sandstone home in the area of the Lacey Street and the Princes Highway, which had been initially the house of Patrick Lacey, the early mayor of the Kogarah Municipality, the Church of the England rectory in the 1930 and a primary school and private kindergarten from 1948. This was sold and converted in 1958 into a room, house until in 1993 it became one private residence again.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Bardwell Valley, Bexley, Bexley North and Beverley Park

The Quintessential Plumbing Service is an expert residential plumbing service in the areas in Sydney, Australia. The residential plumbing is the invaluable resource which you can use on your every day basis. It is just important to create one that your system has been properly working. If the residential plumbing had been malfunctioning, you can contact us for your repair needs.

Each one of the bonded, insured and certified plumbers is well trained to diagnose what kind of problem is in your residence. The team knows how to end the clogged pipe that will finally lead to the tremendous water problem. The Quintessential Plumbing professionals are capable of flushing out the pipes so that each of the debris is being cleared out, and its pipe pressures and also the joints can be relieved.

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