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Alfords Point

Jane Alford the widow of Mr. John Alford Senior possessed the 50 acres of land close by here in the year 1828. Alford was initially the identity given to the area of the public reserve on Georges River Bank. When their Sutherland Shire has been officially created in 1906, its western boundary expanded to what is being called now as Menai, then Bangor. In 1922, the proclamation has been created to permit for the adjustment of a shire boundary and include the places which are now Alfords Point and Illawong. The place was previously connected to Hurtsville Municipality. The modern Alfords Point started to develop down along the Menai Town Center initiated during the late 1970-1980 with the bigger plots of the bushland divided for the housing development.


The word or name ‘Bangor’ has been chosen in the year 1895 by the owner of the land, Owen Jones, the farmer named after his born place, the Bangor in Wales. So to avoid from any confusion with the Bangor in the place of Tasmania, their Postmaster General’s Office altered the town name in 1910 to Menai. There is one more Australian Bangor that is situated in South Australia. The Menai Bridge is the town that is opposite with the original Bangor, while on Menai Strait in the Wales. When the Menai expanded, their eastern area was also renamed Bangor during 1976.

Barden Ridge

The place is situated at the Woronora River that flows north to Georges River. ‘Those Needles‘, is the body of water or Ria on Woronora River, at an original roads west coming from Helensburgh. While in the northern part of the ria sits the fresh water resources of Woronora River, while at the other part is the salt water. That water, in between the two steep hills, remained so cold that until summer it was known to have source of heart attacks. While the car access had been usually blocked, the pedestrian access was still available. The area is also famous for recreational activities like mountain biking and hiking. Barden Ridge had shifted from the remote bushland place to the special suburb that now contained every necessary amenity that established the strong community.

Bonnet Bay

The original name projected for the place was Kirkby. The cave in the place has been called as ‘The Bonnet’ due to its shaped that is like the bonnet and this has been adopted from the word of their bay on the River of Woronora River. Its suburb draws the name from an adjacent bay of a similar name. Its Geographical Names Board chose to name an area in 1969 as Bonnet Bay. The construction began at Fillmore Rd in late 1969 and the completion of every house plot during 1985. During the late 1976 the place was legally pertains to as a witch pit because of higher percentages of the witch households in their area.

Quintessential Plumbing Service in Alfords Point, Bangor, Barden Ridge and Bonnet Bay

Even thought the household owners are not always aware of the significance of the plumbing system in their home, making sure that the systems remain functional and properly intact is always important. At Quintessential Plumbing Service, we keep your house safe from the possible septic leaks, fungal growth, ruined foundations, and some other risky situations.

Whether you are searching to perform preventative maintenance, or you are already facing the plumbing emergency, there is a diversity of top-quality plumbing services that we can offer you all over Sydney, Australia that will fit your needs. Through the knowledgeable and experienced technicians that we have, latest equipment with affordable service pricing, you can consider us as one of your most favored plumbing companies that can fix any issues you have at home.

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